Tools & Software

Improve Productivity and Execute Strategic Implementation Plans

POINT380 has launched an innovative cloud-based corporate sustainability information platform called FlagstaffRPO™ that helps sustainability teams set, track and achieve energy and sustainability goals. It accelerates and improves forward planning by integrating targets, past performance, forecasts, project portfolio development and investment analytics.

POINT380’s software tools and experienced consultants enable sustainability teams to go beyond reporting to achieve the goals their leadership and external stakeholders expect.

FlagstaffRPO™ is designed to help companies go beyond reporting: set and achieve targets, scale initiatives, connect energy, facility, and sustainability departments, and optimize resource use.

  • Set targets and track progress from the company level down to a single facility
  • Develop project investment plans and budgets that achieve multiple goals
  • Enhance collaboration between facility, energy, and sustainability teams
  • Identify new project opportunities with facility asset data and analytics
  • Standardize emissions inventory calculations and reporting
  • Create better business cases by optimizing project portfolios