What We Do


POINT380 has been a leader in discovering, assessing and implementing resource strategy for forward-thinking companies since 2006. Our expertise fills a gap in professional services for corporate resource managers that is not effectively addressed by mission-driven think tanks and traditional strategy consultants. Our approach is founded on practical experience and research that shows how profitable investments can significantly reduce risks from scarce and uncertain resources. Our experienced team has assisted global market leaders, technology startups, NGOs, and highly respected utilities and communities to profitably advance resource sustainability for themselves and their customers.

Our Approach

Four areas of expertise are needed to develop effective resource strategy:

  • Efficiency and Process Engineering
  • Commodity Finance
  • Large Dataset Analytics
  • Collaborative Innovation

We have developed the methodologies and technical knowledge base to leverage and balance all four areas of expertise. We apply these to overcome the technical, financial and organizational barriers that prevent organizations from reaching their potential.

Our Experience

Point380 consultants have honed these specialized skills over decades of practical work for corporate clients and also government, NGO and academic research initiatives. We have significant experienced serving clients in industrial, utility, municipal and corporate sectors—including global market leaders, technology startups and some of the most respected utilities and communities in the US.