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POINT380 worked with several utility companies in the Northeast US to develop energy efficiency market opportunity models for their electric and gas services territories in Massachusetts, Rhode Island, and New York to provide ongoing support to their demand side management (DSM) programs and strategic business development. The models provide a projection of energy efficiency program opportunities based on customer data, EE measure cost effectiveness data, and program performance information, and allow evaluation by sector, customer segment, building type and energy end use. In some cases, POINT380 also performed primary market research to quantify insights regarding customer preferences and barriers to adoption in key market segments.  For the Massachusetts utilities, this project supported the utilities’ filing with the Massachusetts Department of Public Utilities as per the Green Communities Act.evelop and vet the education material.


In an ongoing effort with the City of Boulder, POINT380 has led a series of projects in the to identify market barriers and key requirements for implementing energy efficiency improvements in commercial properties. The projects include data collection and analysis, informational interviews, focus groups, a collaborative charrette, and multi-faceted energy efficiency program development. POINT380 developed an energy efficiency potential model to identify key accounts, building types and key property owners with whom the City could potentially achieve substantial energy and emissions savings. Subsequently, the program development has included the involvement of more than 30 commercial building professionals who collectively represent a significant portion of Boulder’s commercial building stock. Current efforts include a multi-party stakeholder engagement to facilitate the development and implementation of a commercial broker education program and a commercial market energy efficiency resources guide.


POINT380 produced and facilitated a two-day workshop for a large Northeast utility that brought together commercial building owners, brokers, efficiency specialists and tenants to discuss and explore the issue of the split-incentive for building energy efficiency upgrades. This workshop identified several innovative ways to encourage implementation of energy efficiency in commercial buildings by rethinking marketing pathways, capital cost structures, efficiency improvement benefits, and tenant/owner relationships.


POINT380 worked with an international developer to achieve Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design (LEED) green-development certification by identifying and analyzing current and anticipated carbon emissions from the creation of a new South Korean city, encompassing a newly-built mixed residential/business district city of 65,000 people and 250,000 commuting workers. POINT380 coordinated data collection across numerous development firms, developed an emissions baseline forecast, identified potential emission reduction strategies, and led GHG reporting and certified offset creation efforts using WRI/WBCSD, IPCC and EPA emissions calculation methodologies.

POINT380 principal Ty Colman served as Interim Energy Division Director during an organizational restructuring at the Boulder-based Center for Resource Conservation (CRC). In this capacity, POINT380 provided both leadership and management support including the defining of project tasks and schedules, development of collaboration among team members, guidance with the development of strategic resources, and overview of critical milestones. Additionally, POINT380 provided CRC with technical resources for critical analysis, technical assessment, and overarching program review. As a liaison between program partners and incoming Energy Division staff, POINT380 provided insight and guidance for the creation of a set of resources intended to inform the ongoing strategic development of efficiency programs and the Energy Division itself. This project enhanced technical and programmatic resources, thereby strengthening current programs, partnerships and offerings, as well as future grants, proposals, initiatives and organizational leadership.


POINT380 developed concise code summary handouts to assist Boulder County with informing homeowners, building professionals and service providers of recent green building code changes (BuildSmart), and worked with an advisory group of local building professionals, green architects and energy raters to develop and vet the education material.