Responding to Shareholder Pressure for More Renewable Energy


Case Study

Responding to Shareholder Pressure for More Renewable Energy



Corporate sustainability and energy managers are often presented with requests from internal and external stakeholders – such as upper management, non-profits, stockholders and employees – to implement more renewable energy, or purchase more clean power for their company’s operations. This case study examines one company’s path to understand the drivers behind renewable energy procurement, and then craft an approach that aligns with its energy management program. For this large US retailer, the primary pressure to increase adoption of renewable energy came from an investor group seeking to affirm the group’s commitment to address climate change.

Commercial and industrial energy management is moving from a tactical, quick reaction style of operation, to a more strategic, planned and informed approach to managing energy budgets, balancing energy portfolios, applying new technologies, and enhancing company reputation, especially as technology opportunities grow, greater inter-departmental cooperation is needed, and internal and external pressure for more aggressive goals increases. To facilitate this more comprehensive approach, POINT380 has developed FlagstaffRPO™, a cloud-based information platform for energy managers to better identify and harvest efficiency and renewable energy opportunities, scale up and streamline investments and implementations, and integrate with the finance, procurement and sustainability departments.

POINT380 has been a leader in discovering, assessing and implementing resource strategies for leading companies since 2006. We have launched an innovative cloud-based corporate sustainability information platform called FlagstaffRPO™ that helps sustainability teams set, track and achieve energy and sustainability goals. It accelerates and improves forward planning by integrating targets, past performance, forecasts, project portfolio development and investment analytics. FlagstaffRPOTM grew out of POINT380’s industry-leading research of the business case for climate action that underpins ground-breaking publications such as The 3% Solution, The Climate Has Changed, Green Giants, and Reinventing Fire. POINT380’s software tools and experienced consultants enable sustainability teams to go beyond reporting to achieve the goals their leadership and external stakeholders expect.