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International Recycling Group

Point380 provided comprehensive technical and analytical support to an ambitious waste-to-energy startup group during a successful bid for venture financing and subsequent project development. Point380 conducted technical research and preliminary engineering studies for application of scrap plastic as fuel for iron-making blast furnaces and developed product specifications, prototypes and procured physical testing required by key customers. Also, in direct support of sales negotiations with the largest steel producers in the U.S., Point380 analyzed the value-in-use and competitive position of scrap plastic fuel in comparison to traditional blast furnace fuels of coke, pulverized coal, natural gas and oil. Point380 conducted technology research and collected vendor data to construct a preliminary engineering model of production facility capable of producing the specified fuel. This model produces detailed capital and operating cost estimates which form the fundamental cost schedules underlying the company’s financial projections. Point380 also conducted research into the quantity and quality of scrap plastic feedstock available in the U.S. and constructed a supply model to provide analytical basis of projections of supply ramp up and total resource potential. Point380 gave technical presentations to customers, strategic partners, venture capital firms and Wall Street investment banks to support fundraising, sales and partnership negotiations. After successfully closing an initial round of funding, Point380 Principal Jason Denner joined the startup team as Executive Vice President in charge of technical development.

From the IRG Website...

International Recycling Group is developing what will be the world's largest plastics recycling plant, at a first-of-its-kind facility in the Midwestern US. We will sort, process and re-sell all types and grades of plastic. International Recycling Group will be the first company in the world dedicated to processing and marketing high volumes of alternative fuel for the integrated steel industry repurposed from plastic scrap that is generally not otherwise marketable for recycling. We will also sell very high volumes of certain pure grades of plastic to traditional recyclers.

Our primary raw material is plastic scrap with little economic resale value which would otherwise end up either landfilled or exported at heavily discounted value relative to the material's embedded energy content. After sorting and processing at ultra-high speed, using the latest technology, a portion of the formerly uneconomical plastic scrap is sold as high-grade regrind; the remainder is blended to a tightly controlled specification of fuel for our steel industry customers.

International Recycling Group's plastic fuel/reducing agent will become a significant energy source for steel industry blast furnace operators. Every ton of IRG's plastic product that is consumed in a blast furnace is one less ton of plastic that finds its way into a landfill, and reduces consumption of virgin fossil fuel by the steel industry. When injected into a blast furnace, IRG's product also reduces blast furnace emissions of carbon dioxide and other particulates. The result is improved air quality and a reduced carbon footprint in the production of steel.

International Recycling Group is a team of highly experienced professionals with extensive knowledge of plastics recycling and steel production. Collectively, we have an unparalleled track record of successful start-ups in our respective industries.

The International Recycling Group team is impassioned about accomplishing nothing short of revolutionizing the life-cycle of plastics.

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