POINT380 performs verification & assurance services for companies reporting their GHG emissions inventories to CDP to meet the requirements for verification & assurance for questions 8.6, 8.7 and 14.2 of CDP’s 2017 Request

Data Verification of its GHG emissions assertion is a simple way a company can improve its CDP score by 7-9% while satisfying related requirements for its entry into the Carbon Performance Leadership Index. It’s also a great way to review and add expertise to the CDP Response process.

Our Verifications

We rely on our deep experience in data analytics, econometrics, and carbon tracking and reporting to review our Client’s data collection processes and reporting techniques. We work with our Clients to resolve issues, provide guidance and establish credibility for its GHG emissions inventory.

Each engagement requires Client involvement to approve the verification goals, provide data and participate in interviews, and review and comment on the draft verification report. We maintain an efficient engagement with clearly defined and scheduled client roles and involvement.

Verification Protocols

Our CDP verifications are conducted in accordance with The Climate Registry’s General Verification Protocol and ISO 14064 series of standards and related GHG program protocols, and requirements as set forth in the CDP 2017 Climate Change Information Request.

We deliver a Final Verification Report that includes:
  • A Verification Report that describes the verification process and reports our findings
  • A Verification Statement to be used for external reporting, including the CDP Response
  • A CDP Response Guide that specifies the filing information for the CDP Response

CDP Verification Schedule and Milestones

Below is the suggested/desired schedule for this year’s CDP emissions inventory verification. Modifications can be made to accommodate a Client’s timeline, while still ensuring delivery of the Final Report in advance of the 2017 CDP Response filing deadline of June 29.

Project Schedule


Our pricing for CDP verification varies based on level assurance, scope of emissions, and client objectives. Verifications designed to maximize CDP point scoring for questions CC8.6, CC8.7 and CC14.2 are generally quoted between $12,000 and $22,000.

Note that Point380 is not a CDP accredited verification/assurance vendor as defined in the CDP guidelines, however, at this time there is no requirement by CDP to use an accredited verification/assurance vendor, nor does the CDP scoring system penalize companies for using a non-accredited vendor.

Our Verification & Assurance Team Leader

Ty Colman
Ty Colman, LEED-AP | Principal Consultant

Ty provides technical leadership and project management for POINT380's corporate and industrial clients. He has completed numerous EE potential studies for utilities in the northeast US, and has been a key contributor to projects in process efficiency and improvement, carbon tracking and reporting, efficiency market potential, and product design. He is an adjunct faculty member in the Urban Sustainability M.A. program at Antioch University and holds a Master of Engineering Management from the Colorado School of Mines, where he also earned a Bachelor's degree in Metallurgy and Material Engineering.

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